7 to 8

Live Chat requests for Tommy to be in a bearhug between Dave and Hampus

5 to 6

Hampus is on set and gives the fans a preview of what is coming soon to Marcus Wrest

3 to 4

Dave is hooked up on the sling and has a few toys used on him, as per request by the live chat.

1 to 2

Dave, Quinn and Hikaru are on set taking requests from fans

44 to 47

Dave drags the helpless Hikaru over to the audience for them to have fun with.

09 to 12

It is time to resume shooting, but the fan still wants more. He rushes back to the scene to get more of Dave.

26.54 to 26.57

Leon plows Lucky then makes him pleasure Kyle who is bound in the corner.

b12.44 to b12.47

The twins control Medhi with a move that Medhi himself impelmented earlier. What sweet revenge!

86 to 89

The heels drop Joao on top of Caio and pose victoriously for the crowd. Jaxon toys with Joao some more, thinking of how to punish the twink further.