41 to 44

All three hunks blow their load and while the tormentors think of their next move, help arrives for Joao.

31.40 to 31.43

Quinn stuffs Angelito’s face with his hog and his seed.

37 to 40

Joao is bound and penetrated in two holes.

31.36 to 31.39

Dave makes Patryk clean up the “mess” and smashes his tiny body against his outstretched knee.

42 to 45

Jun and Shu lick their spunk off Luiz and proceed to milk him again! Then they flip him over for the next phase!

b12.76 to 79

Medhi now owns the twins for the rest of the night and starts ordering them to pleasure him.

26 to 29

Luiz’s balls and abs get a workover.

44 to 47

Dave drags the helpless Hikaru over to the audience for them to have fun with.