Rave Fight Club

The Rave Cave is an underground wild party with several dance floors and a fully functional MMA octagon. Patrons can enjoy the DJs, drugs, live bands and the free for all fights at the fighting ring. Some nights there are free for all challenges where patrons can participate in a fight for a chance to win some cash.

Dave vs Hikaru

It’s Dave turn to fight and he faces the smaller Hikaru. Dave wants revenge on Hikaru for getting him involved in this fight den in the first place.

Rami vs Gabriel

Rami the soldier vs Gabriel the gogo boy. One is a trained soldier, the other a sexy instagram model. What could possibly happen?

Kyle vs Denton

Kyle faces Denton in the underground warehouse matches.

Jake vs Ryan

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Ryan vs Julio

Jake and Ryan go at it in this basement match where the loser agrees do what the winner commands.