Dreamscapes 1: Thierry’s Fantasy

What happens in the dreams of our wrestlers? Using advanced mind probing technology we are able to capture the hottest and wettest dreams of our wrestlers and their fans. Dreamscapes break the boundaries of reality and show us fantasies that can blow your mind as you blow your load. Ever imagined what it would be […]

Hampus vs Dave

After Dave’s one sided squashing of Hikaru, Hampus steps in to take down the big cocky stud.

Angels and Titans

Patryk and Angelito face off against Dave and Quinn in a tag team match

The Punching Bag

Damon and Romeo get annoyed at Joao and decide to teach the young punk a lesson.

Fall of the Correia Brothers part I

The famous heels the Correia twins get a severe beating from Denton and Jaxon. Even the younger brother Joao is not spared in this wild cage match.

Rave Fight Club

The Rave Cave is an underground wild party with several dance floors and a fully functional MMA octagon. Patrons can enjoy the DJs, drugs, live bands and the free for all fights at the fighting ring. Some nights there are free for all challenges where patrons can participate in a fight for a chance to win some cash.

Luiz’s Punishment

The shady boss of the warehouse fights was not happy that Luiz, his prize fighter, lost to two skinny fighers. He sends his goons and to remind him what it means to lose in this arena.