Medhi and the Twins

The twins have a bit of fun at Mehdi's expense, and things get a bit heated.

Whenever Leon parties with the boys, things get wild. They’ve been partying since last night and they are still going!

These are some of the pics from that night take from Leon’s phone. and the cameras of Jayden and Brayden.

Mehdi was trying to get the twins to film a solo session for his fans, but things get really wild. The twins challenge him to a first to cum race, and the loser has to lick up the other’s cum.

Jayden gets carried away in making fun of Medhi and smears Medhi’s face on the cum filled table.

Medhi doesn’t appreciate being made the fool and tries to get revenge on Jayden the prankster.

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  1. WrstlrAdam says:

    Uh oh! Looks like Medhi better get to licking

  2. WrstlrAdam says:

    Hope Medhi is hungry, those are 2 BIG loads to slurp up!

  3. WrstlrAdam says:

    Uh oh Medhi looks pissed! Might not be smart attacking one twin while the other is right there tho

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