Dave’s Sauna Experience (Archive)

On a trip to Japan, Quinn finally discovers Dave's a hungry bottom. A fight ensues and Dave knocks Quinn out, but in the end they are captured by an underground crime syndicate and brought to a fight club as prize fighters.

Dave and his best friend Quinn are on holiday in Japan. One night they decide to go relax at a sauna. Quinn is running late so Dave just enjoys himself. He thinks he is alone so he starts pleasuring himself.

What he doesn’t realize is that Hikaru was watching him from behind and was touching himself at the sight of him. (Do you blame him?)

Dave gets mad and starts to beat up Hikaru but sees Hikaru’s dick is as hard as a rock. Dave looks at it lustfully and tries something he has always wanted, but never had the courage to try. Thinking he was all alone, he inserts Hikaru’s dick into him. That’s when Quinn walks in on them. Chaos ensues.

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