The Punching Bag

Damon and Romeo get annoyed at Joao and decide to teach the young punk a lesson.


Ringside Pass

13 to 16 Stomp and Box

Damon crushes Joao’s crotch under his heel, then finally accepts Joao’s boxing challenge.

Ringside Pass

09 to 12

Joao keeps taunting the duo. Romeo snaps and he and Damon start double teaming Joao.

Ringside Pass

05 to 08 Come at Me Bro

Damon and Romeo try to ignore Joao but the twink just keeps pestering them with lewd comments.

Ringside Pass

01 to 04 Rude Interruption

Damon and Romeo are at the gym training when know-it-all Joao tells them they are doing it wrong.

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