The Punching Bag

Damon and Romeo get annoyed at Joao and decide to teach the young punk a lesson.


Ringside Pass

61 to 64

Damon gets violated and aroused.

Ringside Pass

57 to 60

Joao decides to prolong the torture of Damon and Romeo, with the use of a vibrating toy.

Ringside Pass

53 to 56

Damon and Romeo are hung upside down naked and used as a punching bag.

Ringside Pass

49 to 52

The Correia’s have some torturous fun at the expense of Damon and Romeo

Ringside Pass

45 to 48

The twins come to rescue the younger Joao.

Ringside Pass

41 to 44

All three hunks blow their load and while the tormentors think of their next move, help arrives for Joao.

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