Dave vs Hikaru

It’s Dave turn to fight and he faces the smaller Hikaru. Dave wants revenge on Hikaru for getting him involved in this fight den in the first place.

Check out the Behind the Scenes of this fight at Dave’s Admirer (Behind the Scenes content requires Backstage Pass or higher). This story is part of the Dave Storyline.


44 to 47

Dave drags the helpless Hikaru over to the audience for them to have fun with.

40 to 43

Dave plows Hikaru over the bar, in plain view of everyone.

32 to 35 Foreign Weapon

Dave smashes Hikaru’s abs, balls and face over and over with his own steel toed boot until the young man passes out.

28 to 31

Dave stomps and stretches Hikaru to his limits. The poor twink gives over and over but Dave is raging do deliver more pain.

00 to 03 First Strike

Hikaru’s weak punches are barely felt by Dave so Hikaru tries dirtier tactics.

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