Luiz’s Punishment

The shady boss of the warehouse fights was not happy that Luiz, his prize fighter, lost to two skinny fighers. He sends his goons and to remind him what it means to lose in this arena.


Ringside Pass

30 to 33

Luiz blows his load again and all 3 guys take turns licking it up!

Ringside Pass

26 to 29

Luiz’s balls and abs get a workover.

Ringside Pass

22 to 25

Jun and Shu slurp up Luiz’s seed.

14 to 17

Jun and Shu enjoy Luiz’s trapped body. They sniff his pits, lick his nipples and play with his huge meat.

10 to 13

Luiz tries to fight back but he is easily overpowerd by the four fighters. As punishement, he is chained up so his tormentors can fully have their fun with him.

Luiz, Jun, and Shu Timeline

Behind the Scenes: Brazil

Behind the Scenes: Brazil

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