Dave’s Sauna Experience (Season Pass)

On a trip to Japan, Quinn finally discovers Dave's a hungry bottom. A fight ensues and Dave knocks Quinn out, but in the end they are captured by an underground crime syndicate and brought to a fight club as prize fighters.

Dave and his best friend Quinn are on holiday in Japan. One night they decide to go relax at a sauna. Quinn is running late so Dave just enjoys himself. He thinks he is alone so he starts pleasuring himself.

What he doesn’t realize is that Hikaru was watching him from behind and was touching himself at the sight of him. (Do you blame him?)

Dave gets mad and starts to beat up Hikaru but sees Hikaru’s dick is as hard as a rock. Dave looks at it lustfully and tries something he has always wanted, but never had the courage to try. Thinking he was all alone, he inserts Hikaru’s dick into him. That’s when Quinn walks in on them. Chaos ensues.

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  1. Marcus Wrest says:

    Hi Derek. Thank you for your patronage. Thanks for the input, and sorry for the difficulties. I’ll try to solve some of the confusion.

    There are 4 main tiers on my Patreon. Nude Access ($1), Erotic Access ($10) , Early Access ($15 )and Backtage Access ($22) . These are presented to you before you subcribe to my Patreon. The benefits of each tier are on my website and patreon site.. So, with that in mind, posts are categorized and labeled as such so people know which posts they have access to.

    The numbers system is explained here (https://marcuswrest.com/general-terminology/) Basically the first number is the Chapter and the next number is the panel number. So 27.08 is the panel after 27.07.

    I saw that my help page and guide was not up to date and has dead links, which could be the reason for some of the confusion. So I’ve updated the links to hopefully solve any issues.
    This is the main guide to navigating (https://marcuswrest.com/navigation/) There are 2 main sections. FIGHTS and BEHIND THE SCENES. Fights (https://marcuswrest.com/catalog2/) are the fight stories, and BEHIND THE SCENES (https://marcuswrest.com/backstagecatalog/) are the behind the scenes stories which include some non fight scenes etc.

    If you want to see the story from the LATEST to the OLDEST, I have the NEWS section (https://marcuswrest.com/news/) and my patreon feed, which posts when a new image is posted on a story. There are several stories going on at the same time so

    As for the feature that shows ALL IMAGES displayed from LATEST to OLDEST, I’ll have to put that into consideration. It does not work with my current setup, unfortunately. You see each Patreon tier gets images at different times. Early Access gets images months ahead of time for example. So the time in which an image is posted and available is different for each tier, So the latest image is not the same for each tier. So my images are grouped by story and chapters. Chapters and stories get updated thoughout the month, and the new additions are added to the main page of each story.

  2. ROMAN says:

    i have marcus patreon. but this story is lockked 🙁

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