Fall of the Correia Brothers part I

The famous heels the Correia twins get a severe beating from Denton and Jaxon. Even the younger brother Joao is not spared in this wild cage match.

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The Correia twins are known in the Warehouse for their vicious tag team tactics. They have wiped the mat with team after team of seasoned fighters. 

They like to administer lots of pain and punishment long after the match has ended. Their younger brother Joao is often there to help them humiliate the losers after each match.

Their success and fame in the warehouse has gotten to their heads and have started mouthing off to management. So management decides to teach them a lesson. They are made to fight Denton and Jaxon. Another undefeated pair who are more ruthless and brutal than the Correias.

The twins are made to face Denton and Jaxon in a cage match. No holds barred and it is over when management says its is over. Joao is kept outside the cage to stop him from interfering, but he meddles anyway.

Damon and Romeo, one of the many victims of the brothers, ambush Joao in outside the ring and give him a good beating and a fuck. In the ring, Denton and Jackson demolish the twins and seed them for good measure.

With the twins out of the picture, Joao is tossed inside the cage where Denton and Jackson can now have their fun.

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