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  1. So, Patryk should now forcibly bridge his back pushing Aleksi up high enough that he lands on the head of that cock pushing against the small of his back all this time, yes, Patryk’s cock should slide forcibly into Aleksi surprising and shocking both as Aleksi moans in pleasure! What do you think?

    1. I liked this idea. I wanted to put it as one of the options on the poll, but since I can’t add options once a poll is out I said if people liked this suggestion, to like that comment. But not sure if everyone saw it. So it might not have been noticed or voted upon. So I ended up going in a different direction. I think Patryk will have a change to have his revenge on Aleksi.

  2. To continue the story, Aleksi is so overwhelmed with shock and sensation at this first-time penetration that Patryk reverses the position, reverses the hold Aleksi has him in, flipping Aleksi over and working his prostate and fuck shute so expertly that all Aleksi can do is groan and moan while pre-cum drips from his cock onto his abs.

  3. Fantastic fight. Aleksi is very hot. Love to see Aleksi against Dave in a battle of the straight guys, where the loser is forced to muscle worship and service the winner.

    1. Oh yeah thats a good idea! I’ll keep tht in mind. But I think with the size and power difference, Dave would destroy Aleksi. Which would be fun to see.

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