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49 to 54 Damon’s Climax

Patryk gets pounded on both ends. Damon blows his load in Patryk’s face.

Ringside Pass

26.31 to 26.33 Stomping Leon

Kyle keeps Leon on the ground with a barrage of kicks, while Lucky tries to placate his jealous boyfriend.

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45 to 48 All at Once

Damon and Romeo decide to test Patryk’s limits on all fronts: sumultanously edging, punching, ballbusting, and mouth and ass fucking.

Ringside Pass

7 to 9

Luiz unbuttons Felipe’s jeans as he tries to come to a deal with his captors.

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39 to 44 Change of Plans

During Patryk’s ballbusting trials, Romeo gets too horny and impatient and decides to speed things up a notch.

Ringside Pass

10.60.2 to 10.60.5

João is smothered underneath Denton, while Andre services his new master.

Backstage Pass

33 to 38 Ballbusting Patryk

Damon and Romeo test Patryk’s tolerance for ballbusting pain in a series of devastating moves.

Backstage Pass

29 to 32 Patryk Blows his Load

Patryk reaches the end of the edging test, but he discovers there is still more he has to endure!