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Tier 1 Spectator

26.42 to 26.45 DDT

Leon gets Lucky horny from the double teaming but then double crosses him when the opportunity arrises.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

12 to 15 Back Torture

Medhi assaults Brayden’s already tortured back with a series of painful holds.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

70 to 73 Getting Hard

Jaxon coaxes Joao’s balls till he gets hard, preparing him for the “next phase”

Tier 4 Ringmaster

08 to 11 Stripped and Slamed

Medhi strips off Brayden’s pants and slams into him in a series of backbreaking maneuvers.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

b11.73 to b11.76 Overflow

Romeo blows his load and fills Patryk’s mouth. Patryk can barely keep it all in and it spills out of his mouth and drips down his chin

Tier 4 Ringmaster

28 to 31

Dave stomps and stretches Hikaru to his limits. The poor twink gives over and over but Dave is raging do deliver more pain.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

b11.69 to b11.72

Patryk gags at the sudden thrust of Romeo into his mouth. But this doesn’t mean he’s not willing to try again.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

14 to 17

Jun and Shu enjoy Luiz’s trapped body. They sniff his pits, lick his nipples and play with his huge meat.