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Tier 4 Ringmaster

78 to 81

Denton flips Caio over and hangs him in the perfect position to for a spectacle that the crowd was hoping to see all night.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

74 to 77 Lifting and Breaking Caio

Denton finally releases Caio from his corner and lifts him in a torture rack. He then uses their combined weight to break in Joao and Andre even more.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

32 to 35 Foreign Weapon

Dave smashes Hikaru’s abs, balls and face over and over with his own steel toed boot until the young man passes out.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

16 to 19 Finger Licking Good

Medhi strips down Brayden and prepares him for the next stage of his punishment. Jayden helplessly watches in the corner, unable to jump in without forfeiting the match.