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Tier 4 Ringmaster

22 to 25

Jun and Shu slurp up Luiz’s seed.

Tier 1 Spectator

31.09 to 31.12

Patryk goes for the pin. Dave gets a wardrobe malfuction. Dave flips Patryk over into a headlock.

Tier 1 Spectator

31.05 to 31.08

Patryk and Angelito enjoy their moment of double teaming Dave.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

b12.60 to 63

Medhi implements a series of back breaking torturous moves on Jayden while Brayden helplessly watches and begs him to stop.

Guest Pass

1 to 4

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Tier 4 Ringmaster

09 to 12

Joao keeps taunting the duo. Romeo snaps and he and Damon start double teaming Joao.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

56 to 59 Hikaru Out

Dave chokes out Hikaru and carries him out

Tier 1 Spectator

26.66 to 69

Leon chokes Lucky till he passes out and takes humiliating pictures, while Kyle helplessly watches

Tier 4 Ringmaster

25 to 28

Dave stuffs Tommy’s mouth and ass.