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Tier 4 Ringmaster

47.05 to 47.08

It’s nighttime at the Correia villa and despite the cold night, the twins heat up the scene!

Tier 2 Front Row

38.13 to 38.16

Dave crushes Hikaru in with massive thighs, while demonstrating powerful muscle control where you least expect it.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

40.13 to 40.16

Lucky’s boyfriend Kyle gets jealous during the photoshoot

Tier 1 Spectator

31.53 to 31.56

Dave attacks Patryk with a steel chair. Patryk begs for mercy.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

47.01 to 47.04

The Correia twins show you the goods in their roof top pool.

Tier 2 Front Row

38.17 to 38.20

Dave bashes Hampus’s face with all his might.

Tier 1 Spectator

31.61 to 31.64

With Patryk under the steel chair, the heels drop his tag partner on him.

Tier 1 Spectator

31.57 to 31.60

Dave continues the assualt with the steel chair until Patryk passes out from the pain

Tier 3 VIP

42.01 to 42.04

The Campbell twins are bound and offered up as a plaything for a client.