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16 A Surprise Visit

Once Dave had had his fun, he signals the boys to come.

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Session #06 Medhi and the Twins

Mehdi was trying to get the twins to film a solo session for his fans, but things get really wild. The twins have a bit of fun at Mehdi’s expense, and things get a bit heated.

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09 to 12 Headbutt and Rage

Luiz takes advantage of the distracted brothers and goes on the offensive, turning the tide of the fight.

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07 to 08 Shu Loses Control

Shu is too young and horny to hold back. He releases his load on to Jun’s shocked face.

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05 to 06 Shu Strokes Himself

Shu gets so horny he forgets what kind of match he is in and starts to stroke himself,

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03 to 04 Shu gets Aroused

Jun gets so caught up in the excitement that he begins to stroke himslef, not realizing it would cost him the match