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Ringside Pass

27.40 to 27.43

Dave plows Hikaru over the bar, in plain view of everyone.

Ringside Pass

26.50 to 26.53

Leon turns his attention back to Lucky and claims the pink haired hunk in plain view of his boyfriend.

Backstage Pass

b12.36 to b12.39

Medhi drags Jayden away to focus his attacks on Brayden who can’t use both hands to defend himself. But Jayden recovers just enough to deliver a very cruicial blow.

Ringside Pass

10.82 to 10.85

Caio is mercifully freed from his uncomfortable predicament, but he is barely even able to move now. Joao looks worried.

Backstage Pass

b13.01 to b13.04

A lucky fan gets to meet Dave in this behind the scenes look at the production set of one of Dave’s matches.