b10.00 The Story So Far

The Story So Far

A bit of story to catch you up. We first met Patryk in Behind the Scenes 09a: Patryk Caught, where we learn that he loves to jack off to Damon’s pics from MarcusWrest.com

Patryk’s story continues in Behind the Scenes 09b: Dorm Fight, where Patry’s roomate Aleksi catches him jerkin it to naked pics of Aleksi. Aleksi and Patryk get into a fight and Aleksi dominates Patryk.

To make things worse, pictures of Patryk’s embarrasing pics surfaced online, his own federation started seeing him as a jobber. He could no longer be marketable as a tough tag partner for Aleksi. Patryk kept being given fights where he was expected to be hurt and humiliated….a lot.

His short career as a tag champion was now in the toilet and everyone saw him as a punching bag.

Then, one day he receives a free ticket to watch a live match at MarcusWrest.com. The Correia Twins were going against Denton and Jaxon. Although Patryk was a big fan of Damon, he jumped at the opportunity to watch a MarcusWrest fight live.

At the Fights

The twins Andre and Caio faced off against Denton and Jaxon inside the cage. João, the youngest of the Correias, is outside the cage but still helping his brothers by interfering.

Then all of a sudden, Damon and Romeo come storming out with a baseball bat and beat up João (Chapter 10: Fall of the Correias part 1). Damon and his tag partner Romeo have a longstanding grudge against the Correias (see Chapter 2: Correias vs Damon and Romeo)

Now Patryk is a big fan of Damon and when he saw his favorite wrestler live in action, well, he got so horny and his pants could barely hold his erection.

The events of Behind the Scenes 10: Patryk in the Audience happens before Damon gets thrown in the cage to face the wrath of Denton and Jaxon.

Patryk gets to witness the most brutal beat down of the Correias up close and personal.


  1. Thomas says:

    Why does Damon incur the wrath of Denton and Jaxon? Damon is helping them by ‘distracting’ Joao. Have we seen Damon vs Denton and Jaxon?

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