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Backstage Pass patrons are patrons who are pledged at $15 monthly. To compare all tiers, please visit Access Passes

Ringside Pass Contnet

Ringside Pass has access to all Fight Panels. To see all panels available to Ringside Pass, visit the Search Page and set the Patreon Tier filter to Ringside Pass. This will show all available panels for Ringside Pass.

November 2023

Each month, 12 new Fight panels and 12 new Behind the Scenes panels are added to the stories. As Ringside Pass patrons, you have access to the 12 new Fight panels as they are published. 

These are this month’s new content for Ringside Pass.

Fight Panels

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Behind the Scenes

Early Access



Ringside Pass has access to Fight panels, but not Behind the Scenes, Early Access, VIP or Archive panels. To compare all tiers, please visit Access Passes

Fight Panels

These are panels from regular fights. They can be pre-recorded fights or live shows, which are fights done in front of a live audience.  These are analogous to the real world erotic wrestling content you can buy as DVD or digital downloads from your favorite wrestling company.

Backstage Pass has access to all fight panels.

To see all Fight Stories, go to the Story Catalog then set the select “Fight Story” in the Story Type filter.

Archived Panels

Archive panels are older panels that have long been completed for more than a year. There are two ways to access Archived panels.

Archived Stores are accessible to Season Pass patrons ($45) or patrons who have pledged over $500 since the start of their patronage. This means that long term patrons ($500 is about 2 years of patronage at Backstage Pass) have access to Archived Panels without having to upgrade to Season Pass.

So depending on how long you have been a patron, you might have access to the archived panels.

To see all Archived stories, go to the Story Catalog then select “Archive” in the Story Type filter.