Poll for Next Match

Poll for Next Match

A poll for the next match is over at Patreon. Make sure to vote before it’s over.

I’m copying the details here for reference, but please head over to Patreon to vote.

Three (3) matches are soon about to be completed.  For Early Access, Chapter 17: Quinn vs Amir is gonna be finished this month and Chapter 14: New Tag Teams and Chapter 22: Galpao will be concluded by November.  This means I have time to resume some of the older fights or start new ones. Which of the unfinished fights would you want to see continued, or which new match do you wanna see?

Continue/Expand Old Matches

Which of the older matches do you want me to revisit? Click on the links to see more info on these.

  1. Chapter 2: Correia Twins vs Damon and Romeo
  2. Chapter 4: Andre vs Tristan
  3. Chapter 8: Kyle vs Denton at the Warehouse
  4. Chapter 10: Downfall of the Correia Brothers
  5. Chapter 13:  Gabriel vs Rami at the Chain Club

Start New Matches

Or which of these new matches would you be excited to see? Remember there is a Character Gallery where some of these fighters have erotic profiles.

1) Dave vs  (Hikaru/Yukio/Mr Suit/Coach) at the Chain Club

After Amir demolishes Quinn (Chapter 17: Quinn vs Amir), it is Dave’s turn to fight.

2) Medhi vs the Twins  


The story of Medhi vs the Twins are familar to  Leon Access patrons, but if they have an official fight, it will be part of the regular fight catalog. Basically Medhi will challenge the twins to a ring fight.

3) Something with Lukas and Liam 

Did you know Leon has an older and younger brother? Lukas and Liam have been introduced a while back but have yet to see some action. Do you want to see them in action?

4) Something with Jun and Shu (from Chapter 22: Galpao)

What will Jun and Shu be up to after the Brazil warehouse?

5) Something with Patryk (New Character)

A new twink eager for lots of punishment.

Something with Aleksi (New Character)

Something with the teen Bulgarian bodybuilding prodigy.



With these older matches I don’t plan to re-make or  re-release the previous panels. I’ll just start a new panel where we last left off. Since the panels are quite old the art style might be different. Some charactes might have been re-designed since they first started.


  • You can vote as many options as you want.
  • If you have a match that you want  that is not on the list, mention it in the comments 😀
  • You can change your vote anytime until the poll ends.
  • Poll ends on October 15