December Release Schedule is Out

December Release Schedule is Out

Hi everyone.

I really hope you enjoyed the content this November. Thank you for sticking around on this nice journey of ours. Here is what you can expect for December.

Leon Access (+16 multi-panels)

We will continue Patryk’s story (Session 09: Patryk) and also follow Damon (Session 08: Damon) in his behind-the-scenes training for the big show (also known as Chapter 10: Fall of the Correias)

Early Access (+16 multi-panels)

We resume on chapter 10 with new content!

Erotic Access (+12 multi-panels)

The following multi-panels will be unlocked for Erotic Access in December.

  • Chapter 14: New Tag Teams (14.53 to 14.56) – Making the loses face each other.
  • Chapter 17: Quinn vs Amir (17.11 to 17.14) – Quinn wants to quit but Amir is far from done with his revenge beatdown.
  • Chapter 20: Bathroom Encounter (20.17 to 20.20) – Amir gets choked and ab-bashed until he almost passes out.

The monthly summary for December can be found here. Or on, under News >December 2020

I hope you are eager for some hard action 😉 What are you most excited to see? What do you wanna see more of? Let me know if the comments.

See you in December!