Dave’s Opponent

Dave’s Opponent

Dave’s Opponent

Thanks to everyone who voted on the Patreon poll. So far these are the results.

Winners (10 to 12 votes each)

  • Downfall of the Correia Brothers
  • Dave vs Hikaru/Yukio
  • Something with Patryk

The top 3 are guaranteed to be made/updated. I hope at least one of everyone’s favorites is in the top 3

Runners up (5-6 votes each)

  • Correia Twins vs Damon and Romeo
  • Something with Aleksi
  • Medhi vs the Twins
  • Kyle vs Denton at the Warehouse
  • Gabriel vs Rami at the Chain Club

I might be looking for a 4th place winner in case I have an opening, so vote for the runners up if you want some of them to move up the ranking.

Last chance to vote. You can still add or subtract to your vote till the 15th.

Chapter 12 is coming back!

I think it is safe to say Dave in the Chain Club will be one of the main winners. So now its time to pick his opponent. But you might need a bit of backstory to Chapter 12: Dave’s Sauna Experience.

Chapter 12 is currently offline and finally I’m finally caving in to pressure and I will be reuploading it. I’m working on reuploading it and giving limited access to loyal patrons. More details to follow soon. For now, here is a summary:

Quinn films Dave getting f*ed and threatens to release the footage to his fans. They get into a fight, and Dave knocks Quinn out. But in the end they are captured by an underground crime syndicate and brought to the Chain Club to be fighters there. In the pic above is Dave being carried out by Mr. Suit and Quinn being chocked unconscious.

1) Dave vs Hikaru (Hunk vs Twink)

Hikaru was the one who set the trap for Dave and Amir at the sauna, which is the reason they are in Club Chain in the first place. Hikaru is also a crowd favorite in Club Chain and patrons like seeing him suffer. But he is a fighter and will not go down without a hard fight.

An interesting trivia is that Hikaru is the first guy to ever top Dave. In their first encounter, Dave lets himself be f*ed by Hikaru which is when Quinn catches them in the act.

2) Dave vs Yukio (Hunk vs Hunk)

Yukio manages the stable of fighters at Club Chain. He makes sure the fighters put up a good show for the audience. He is also in charge of breaking in fighters who have not yet learned their place in the club. He is a refined tactical fighter with martial arts training.

3) Dave vs Mr Suit (Hunk vs Brute)

Mr. Suit the bouncer and enforcer at Club Chain. He also keeps the fighters and patrons in check. He is large, tough and merciless. Head over to Patron to vote for Dave’s opponent

You can vote more than once. And feel free to argue for your vote in the comments! So you can convince the others to support your vote as well. Poll ends on October 20.