Chapter 20: Bathroom Encounter, Updated for Erotic Access

Five multi-panels (20.29 to 20.33 Final Humiliation) from  Chapter 20: Bathroom Encounter have been unlocked for Erotic Access patrons or higher.

In a very disgusting display of dominance, the three bullies make sure Amir remembers not to cross them again.

This concudes Chapter 20: Bathroom Encounter. The story continues in Dave’s Sauna Experience, Quinn vs Amir, and Dave vs Hikaru. for the complete timeline, scroll down to the bottom of the page of the Chapter 20: Bathroom Encounter. The Chapter numbers are not in order because they are numbered in the order I made the story. Sometimes I add stuff between stories so the numbers go a bit back and forth. Sorry about that. So for easier reference, just use the timeline at the bottom of the page

A summary of the released and to-be-released panels for April is in the April 2021 Monthy Summary.

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