Chapter 12: Dave’s Sauna Experience Back Online

Chapter 12: Dave’s Sauna Experience Back Online

I’ve finally given in to patrons’ long time wishes to republish Chapter12: Dave’s Sauna Experience. It’s part of the fictional narrative so I guess a lot of you were curious or wanted to reminisce on the old times.

I’ve had many reasons to take this chapter online, so I was debating if I’ll re-upload and in what form. So I checked the chapter again for problematic stuff but I think I can show it like this. Plus, the character designs are a bit in my older style, and more exaggerated, but I think some are fans of the old style. Anyway it’s up online, and can be found under the normal fight catalog.

However, this is a limited access chapter for my long standing patrons. So if you have accumulated over $100 in pledges, and are on Erotic Access or higher, you have access to this limited access chapter. This is a special gift for those who have decided to stick with my for quite some time, who I will call “Legacy Patrons”

If you don’t have access to this chapter don’t worry. The fight page of this chapter still has the summary of the events so you don’t miss out on the information. And it doesn’t take long to become a Legacy Patron, especially at the higher tiers.

As for the other missing chapter, Chapter 10: Downfall of the Correia Brothers, that might require more editing before I can show it again. I’ll probably re-upload some parts of it, but again, I’ll have to think about it more. So for now, enjoy this chapter.