Behind the Scenes 10: Patrick in the Audience, Updated for Backstage Pass Patrons

A new Behind the Scenes Session is online!

Four multi-panels (S10.01 to S10.04) have been added to BTS 10: Patryk in the Audience

Patryk gets horny watching his favorite fighter Damon demolish João. Lucky for him he is standing so close to them he can practically smell the sweat.

The events of Behind the Scenes 10: Patryk in the Audience take place during the first part of  Chapter 10: Fall of the Correia Brothers, where Damon and Romeo have fun with João. I made a summary on S10.00 The Story So Far if anyone needs help understanding the place of this in the story.

Behind the Scenes content are accessible to Backstage Pass patrons or higher. Backstage Pass tier was formerly known as Leon Access, but renamed to reflect the shift in content from Leon focused to a general focus on the behind the scenes look at the fighters at For patrons of the Leon Access tier, you don’t need to do anything. You will have access to content as you normally would.

A summary of the released and to-be-released panels for February is in the February 2020 Monthly Summary


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