At The Correia Villa, Early Access for Season Pass

Four panels (9 to 12) from At The Correia Villa is now available in Early Access for Season Pass  patrons.

These are part of Backstage Pass content for March and 2023, but Season Pass patrons get a first look way ahead of time.  Go to Early Access to see which panels have been made available. Text will be prepared and once its ready, I’ll unlock it for Backstage Pass.

For a detailed breakdown of the different passes, please read Subscription Options. To access your tier page, form the main menu on, under “Access Passes”, select your tier.

I’m a bit late in releasing the content. Normally I try to release content for next month to Early Access so that Nicehunter will have time to add the text. So pardon the short delay. It’s because I did not post the Early Access content last month. So in the next days, I’ll try to upload as much for next month’s content for Early Access then by next weeks, I’ll complete the posts for each tier.

Thanks for your patience.

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