January 2021

These are the panels that are scheduled for release / released this month. Scroll down to your tier for more details.

Backstage Access*

16 Multi-panels

These are the panels released and to be released for Leon Access. January will focus on Patryk and his continuing story and some behind the scenes with Joao and the other wrestlers.

*Backstage access used to be called Leon Access but now that content focuses more on other wrestlers other than Leon, I’ve decided to rebrand it as Backstage Access

Early Access

16 Multi-panels + 1 Bonus

These are the panels released or to-be-released for Early Access.

  • Chapter 10: Downfall of the Correias (10.48 to 10.49)
  • Chapter 20: Bathroom Encounter (20.29 to 20.32)
  • Chapter 22: Galpão (22.29 to 22.32)
  • Chapter 26: The Audition (26.13 to 26.14)
  • Chapter 27: Dave vs Hikaru (27.00 to 27.03)

Erotic Access

12 Multi-panels + 1 bonus

These are the panels released and to-be-released for Erotic Access. Items will be crossed out from the list when they are updated.

  • Chapter 14: New Tag Teams (14.57 to 14.60)
  • Chapter 17: Quinn vs Amir (17.15 to 17.19)
  • Chapter 22: Galpão (22.13 to 22.16)

Nude Access

Nude access gets the multi-panels form Erotic Access that do not contain erotic imagery.

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