Missing Chapters

If you see that there are missing chapters in the Catalog, there are different possible reasons why a chapter or parts of a chapter are not online.

It is reserved / It doesn’t exist yet

Sometimes I reserve a chapter number for a story I plan to make. But sometimes, that story never happens, or has yet to be made. For that reason, that chapter number has no corresponding story.

It is a private match

Sometimes, chapters are private matches that have been comissioned by someone who prefers to keep that chapter private, or who wants to show the chapter in his own terms. For that reason, it will not be shown in my fight catalog or posts or galleries.

I am no longer happy with the art

As I grow as a creator, I feel like some of my older work are no longer presentable, based on my current standards of quality.  I might find my old renders to be a bad example of art at this present time. For this reason, I might take some older chapters offline.

Changing Permissions

Some characters I have are co-owned by different people. So if some of the co-owners change their mind about my using their characters, I will respect it and take those chapters offline.

It goes against certain rules.

I have to deal with different Terms of Service and laws and rules on the different platforms I am in, as well as the rules of the region I’m in. So if content, themes or images of some chapters would potentially violate these laws or rules, I have to take them out.

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