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14.34 Suplex High (Free)

Ryan is still nursing his hurt eye and Lucky is still out cold. Jake reached out to grab Kyle by the balls. Kyle’s instincts kicked in and lifted Jake into the suplex before Jake could apply any pressure. Kyle, the

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19.00 Danilo and Lee (Free)

These gym buddies might want to try their luck in The Warehouse, or Club Chain.  They started bodybuilding and wrestling together at a young age. But soon they discovered the thrill of bareknuckle brawling. They would pick fights with taller

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14.23 Pounding Kyle (Free)

Ryan pounds viciously on poor Kyle’s chest and abs. Kyle’s screams muffled under Ryan’s sweaty pit.

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14.20 Kickin’ Back (Free)

Ryan takes advantage of Kyle’s distraction and delivers three quick hard kicks to Kyle’s back and kidneys.

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These are the Chapters that are viewable without a subscription. These are free for now. Once they are updated with erotic content, they will be viewable only with a subscription.

Chapter 2: Correia Twins vs Damon and Romeo

The Correias demolish Damon and Romeo in this warehouse match and auction off the losers. This is a very old match with out of date graphic style.

Chapter 13: Gabriel vs Rami

Two veteran fighters of Club Chain duke it out in the center ring. One is a trained soldier, the other a sexy instagram model. What could possibly happen?

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