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Only non-nude and non-erotic images are available for free viewing. Some images have been altered from the original content to be suitable for free viewing.

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Leon's Socials

Leon is one of the characters on the site. He has his own social media. More details to come.

Fight Catalog

The Fight Catalog is an ever growing collection of 3D erotic images. Access to images from the fight will depend on your Patreon tier, but Ringside Pass or higher grants you full access to the Fight Catalog. More info

These are the free-to-view pics from the Fight Catalog.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes is a look at the private lives of the wrestlers and at MarcusWrest.com. While not fighting at the arena, these boys like to have all sorts of fun in the bedroom or anywhere else they get horny. From solo bedroom sessions to hidden cam footage, check out what they are up to when the official Marcus Wrest cameras are not filming.

Behind the scenes content is accessible to Backstage Pass holders. More info

These are the free-to-view pics from the Behind the Scenes series.

Free Chapters

These are the Chapters that are viewable without a subscription. These are free for now. Once they are updated with erotic content, they will be viewable only with a subscription.

Chapter 2: Correia Twins vs Damon and Romeo

The Correias demolish Damon and Romeo in this warehouse match and auction off the losers. This is a very old match with out of date graphic style.

Chapter 13: Gabriel vs Rami

Two veteran fighters of Club Chain duke it out in the center ring. One is a trained soldier, the other a sexy instagram model. What could possibly happen?

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