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    1. The bodyhair seems to be bring out different opinions. Hampus has virtually no bodyhair, but somehow it worked in your version. He is one of your hottest characters.

      I generally like smooth for your younger characters like David, Qwin, Jake, Kyle, Lucky, etc. But bodyhair can look hot on older characters like Hampus – not that 22 is old.

      I look forward to Dara’s fight against Gabriel.

      On a side note, I have a friend that thinks Lucky is the hottest guy ever. Are you bringing him back or was the double penetration a career-ender.

      1. I definitely will be bringing him back. Lucky is coming back for a “prequel”: His first fight in the Warehouse. I’ll keep his opponent a secret for now. His story is a bit of a mixed ownership. He has fights over at another league and joined the warehouse fights for more experience. “FightingYourself” who writes most of the long form text on the images on my images, has a whole storyline with many characters (Including Lucky) over on his own Deviant Art page.

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