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Chapter 40: Thierry's Casting Call

Tier 4 Ringmaster

40.25 to 40.28

Some unreleased promo pics of the tag team partnership that never happened.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

40.21 to 40.24

Jealous Kyle chokes out Thierry ’til he passes out, but not before he busts a nut!

Tier 4 Ringmaster

40.17 to 40.20

Theirry penetrates Lucky in front of his boyfriend

Tier 4 Ringmaster

40.13 to 40.16

Lucky’s boyfriend Kyle gets jealous during the photoshoot

Tier 4 Ringmaster

40.09 to 40.12

Things get steamy between Thierry and Lucky

Tier 4 Ringmaster

40.05 to 40.08

Thierry gets rejected, but also gets to meet one of the Marcus Wrest superstars.

Tier 4 Ringmaster

40.01 to 40.04

Thierry comes for a casting and gets flirty with the studio assistant.

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