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Chapter 50: Moving Day

Tier 2 Front Row

50.29 to 50.32

A familiar face joins the scene. Ethan, the photographer’s assitant from earlier drops by to deliver groceries.

Tier 2 Front Row

50.25 to 50.28

Thierry offers to help Bartosz release some built up pressure.

Tier 2 Front Row

50.21 to 50.24

Bartosz discovers that he enjoys crushing other guys with his muscles.

Tier 2 Front Row

50.17 to 50.20

Bartosz shows his power and it is too much for Thierry.

Tier 2 Front Row

50.13 to 50.16

Thierry worships the rock hard body of Bartosz

Tier 2 Front Row

50.09 to 50.12

Theirry convinces Bartosz to strip naked

Tier 2 Front Row

50.05 to 50.08

Bartosz strips and flexes for Thierry

Tier 2 Front Row

50.01 to 50.04

Thierry unintentionally exposes himself to the hot muscular moving guy.

Moving Day

Thierry takes an interest in a muscular moving guy.

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