Chapter 26: Leon's Audition

Leon auditions to wrestle for Marcus Wrest. Lucky is his first match.

July 18, 2021

26.34 to 26.37 Lucky’s Betrayal

Leon incapacitates Kyle with a forearm smash to his nuts. Kyle turns on his partner and boyfriend and helps Leon cuff him to the corner.
June 20, 2021

26.31 to 26.33 Stomping Leon

Kyle keeps Leon on the ground with a barrage of kicks, while Lucky tries to placate his jealous boyfriend.
May 9, 2021

26.27 to 26.30 Jealousy

Lucky tries to have fun with their captive, but Kyle gets a bit jealous of the attention Leon gets from Lucky.
April 11, 2021

26.23 to 26.26 Trapped and Dominated

Leon is trapped and dominated by the double teaming studs.
March 14, 2021

26.19 to 26.22 Pounding Leon’s Balls

With Kyle now in the action, Leon's poor balls get a workover by the double teaming pair
February 21, 2021

26.15 to 26.18 Kyle Steps In

Kyle, the hothead, has had enough of Leon's showboating and decides to step in and defend his boyfriend Lucky. Kyle and Lucky immediately revert to their double-teaming ways.
January 24, 2021

26.13 to 26.14 Pounding and Smothering

Leon pounds on Lucky, who is trapped in his thick muscular thighs.
December 24, 2020

26.09 to 26.12 Stroking and Squeezing

Lucky tries to get Leon to cream himslef but Leon uses his muscular legs to turn the tide and crush Lucky's head between them.
November 25, 2020

26.05 to 26.08 It’s about the Balls

Leon tries to embarrass Lucky in front of Kyle but Lucky is able to turn the tables.