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Chapter 31: Angels and Titans

Tier 1 Spectator

31.97 to 31.100

The Titans of Terror finally end the torment of the twinks and take them off backstage for some more extended punishment.

Tier 1 Spectator

31.93 to 31.96

Quinn finishes inside Angelito and the poor jobber angel passes also collapses down on the mat

Tier 1 Spectator

31.89 to 31.92

Dave finishes inside Patryk and dumps him on the ground like a broken rag doll.

Tier 1 Spectator

31.85 to 31.88

Both jobbers take it all in

Tier 1 Spectator

31.81 to 31.84

Dave breaks Patryk some more then claims his tight hole

Tier 1 Spectator

31.77 to 31.80

Time to claim the jobber’s asses

Tier 1 Spectator

31.73 to 31.76

Dave and Quinn proceed to destroy the balls and dignity of the jobbers. Patryk gets so smell Dave’s pit and crotch for everyone’s enjoyment.

Tier 1 Spectator

31.69 to 31.72

Dave puts Patryk on display and plays with his nipples until the twink gets hard as a rock

Tier 1 Spectator

31.65 to 31.68

The heels take turns slamming their full weight into the helpless jobbers.

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