Behind the Scenes 11: Backroom Threesome

Patryk is brought backstage by Damon and Romeo for some backroom action, but it seems they also have an alterior motive, and make Patryk a tempting but dangerous offer.

August 26, 2021

b11.73 to b11.76 Overflow

Romeo blows his load and fills Patryk's mouth. Patryk can barely keep it all in and it spills out of his mouth and drips down his chin
August 22, 2021

b11.69 to b11.72

Patryk gags at the sudden thrust of Romeo into his mouth. But this doesn't mean he's not willing to try again.
August 12, 2021

b11.65 to b11.68

Now that the audition is officially over, it's time for the boys to just have fun. Damon starts to take Patryk from behind and Romeo feeds him from the front.
July 17, 2021

61 to 64 Climax

Romeo rails on Patryk and seeds the hot teen. Patryk blows his load while being gut punched.
July 8, 2021

55 to 60 The Submissive Jobber

Patryk finally accepts his new role as a a sumbissive jobberboy, and Romeo and Damon get ready to complete his audition.
July 1, 2021

49 to 54 Damon’s Climax

Patryk gets pounded on both ends. Damon blows his load in Patryk's face.
June 19, 2021

45 to 48 All at Once

Damon and Romeo decide to test Patryk's limits on all fronts: sumultanously edging, punching, ballbusting, and mouth and ass fucking.
June 11, 2021

39 to 44 Change of Plans

During Patryk's ballbusting trials, Romeo gets too horny and impatient and decides to speed things up a notch.
June 1, 2021

33 to 38 Ballbusting Patryk

Damon and Romeo test Patryk's tolerance for ballbusting pain in a series of devastating moves.