41.01 to 41.04

Thierry imagines what Bartosz would do to his new rival Kyle.

38.13 to 38.16

Dave crushes Hikaru in with massive thighs, while demonstrating powerful muscle control where you least expect it.

New Content for Chapter 10

10.34 Perfect Landing, has been added to Chapter 10 and is accessible for Early Access subscribers. This panel is the 15th of the expected 16 Early Access panels for April. Normally only 12 multi-panels are planned for Early Access per month, but I think due to the world being what it is now, I would […]

Size Comparison

I’m about to set a goal for my Pateron and once I reach that goal, I will get new hardware for rendering. New hardware means more power and with more power comes more responsibility. 😉 So I’m putting together a list of what improvements you will see here if I reach that goal, and buy […]

Chain Club 2

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