January 9, 2021

20.29 to 20.33 Final Humiliation

In a very disgusting display of dominance, the three bullies make sure Amir remembers not to cross them again.
January 7, 2021

10.48 to 10.49 Grab and Crush

Jaxon traps the João in a choke hold while Denton crushes the teen's manhood.
December 29, 2020

19.26 to 19.29 Hampus Claims Lee

Hampus has his fun with Lee now that Danilo is out of the way
December 24, 2020

26.09 to 26.12 Stroking and Squeezing

Lucky tries to get Leon to cream himslef but Leon uses his muscular legs to turn the tide and crush Lucky's head between them.
December 20, 2020

19.22 to 19.25 Submissive Muscleboy

Danilo becomes a sumbissive muscle jobber as he obeys Hampus's orders, much to the shock of Lee.
December 18, 2020

22.25 to 22.28 Choking and Pouning

Luiz enjoys his free moments with Shu to choke and pound the writhing twink over and over.
December 13, 2020

20.25 to 20.28 Hard Lessons

The three heels continue beat Amir down till he passes out
December 5, 2020

10.44 to 10.47 Twins Trapped

The twins are cuffed to the corners, leaving Denton and Jaxon free to have their fun with Joao
November 25, 2020

26.05 to 26.08 It’s about the Balls

Leon tries to embarrass Lucky in front of Kyle but Lucky is able to turn the tables.