Chapter 22 Galpão

In and abandoned factory in São Paulo, Brazil, a secret fight club takes place. Jun and Shu go up against Luiz in a first-to-cum-loses fight. The winner claims the losers ass. Shu is the youngest and most inexperienced fighter. He is new to the Galpão and is not familiar with all the rules. And this gets him and Jun in trouble.

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22.03 to 22.04 Shu gets Aroused

Jun gets so caught up in the excitement that he begins to stroke himslef, not realizing it would cost him the match

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22.00 to 22.02 Luiz vs Jun and Shu

The latest match is a random draw between two newbies in a first to cum loses fight. Little blue-haired Shu is horrified to find himself across from older, bigger blond boy Luiz.


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