Chapter 10 Fall of the Correia Brothers

Denton and Jackon destroy all three Correia brothers in a caged fight.

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10.40 Enter the Cage (Free Version)

This is a free version of one of the panels of Match 10: Downfall of the Correia Brothers. Free versions are modified to comply with public posting policies in many websites, so the clothes have been added to the fighters

Correia Timeline

Correias vs Damon and Romeo (Chapter 2)

The Correia twins wipe the floor with Damon and Romeo and subject them to a humilating defeat.

Andre vs Tristan (Chapter 4)

Andre breaks in Tristan

Downfall of the Correia Brothers (Chapter 10)

Denton and Jaxon put an end to the undefeated streak of the Correia Twins.