Chapter 10 Fall of the Correia Brothers

Denton and Jackon destroy all three Correia brothers in a caged fight.

Go here for a summary of the early stages of this fight. For an extended look at what Damon and Romeo do to João while he is cuffed outside, check out Behind the Scenes 10: Patryk in the Audience. Behind the Scenes content requires Backstage Pass ($22) patreon tier.


Ringside Pass

10.60.2 to 10.60.5

João is smothered underneath Denton, while Andre services his new master.

Ringside Pass

10.54 to 10.57 Reaching for Help

The heels drop João to the mat after having their fun. João crawls over to Andre for help but Andre is in no position to help anyone.

Correia Timeline

Correias vs Damon and Romeo (Chapter 2)

The Correia twins wipe the floor with Damon and Romeo and subject them to a humilating defeat.

Andre vs Tristan (Chapter 4)

It’s Tristan’s tryout match at the arena and he is unlucky enough to have to face André Correia.

Downfall of the Correia Brothers (Chapter 10)

Denton and Jaxon put an end to the undefeated streak of the Correia Twins.