Backstage Pass

November 19, 2021

b13.05 to b13.08 Worshiping Dave

A lucky fan gets to enjoy Dave's body, nipples, cock and balls.
November 13, 2021

b12.36 to b12.39

Medhi drags Jayden away to focus his attacks on Brayden who can't use both hands to defend himself. But Jayden recovers just enough to deliver a very cruicial blow.
November 1, 2021

b13.01 to b13.04

A lucky fan gets to meet Dave in this behind the scenes look at the production set of one of Dave's matches.
October 19, 2021

b12.32 to b12.35 Jayden Knocked Out

Medhi knocks Jayden out and taunts Brayden in an attempt to make him forfiet the match
October 15, 2021

b12.28 to 31 Jayden’s Turn

Jayden finally gets into the fight, but Medhi makes quick work of him.
October 7, 2021

24 to 27 Demolishing Brayden

Medhi continues to toy with Brayden who is helpless against his attacks.
October 3, 2021

20 to 23 Playing with Brayden’s Hole

Medhi slides his moist fingers up Brayden's exposed hole and toys with the blue haired hunk.
September 23, 2021

16 to 19 Finger Licking Good

Medhi strips down Brayden and prepares him for the next stage of his punishment. Jayden helplessly watches in the corner, unable to jump in without forfeiting the match.
September 17, 2021

12 to 15 Back Torture

Medhi assaults Brayden's already tortured back with a series of painful holds.