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Get a look at the private lives of the wrestlers and at in these behind-the-scenes for Backstage Pass patrons. While not fighting at the arena, these boys like to have all sorts of fun in the bedroom, and anywhere else they get horny. Get to see what they are up to when the official Marcus Wrest cameras are not filming.

Behind the scenes content is accessible to Backstage Pass tier members ($22 monthly) or higher.

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  • Can't post naked pics on Instagram, but I have some funny pics there as well.​ Follow me there for more safe content.


  • There might be some naked pics or XXX pics from time to time. It's not much but it's a nice preview to get you wet.

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Behind the Scenes

  • Get to see the kinky stuff the wrestlers do when the official cameras are not rolling

+16 Backstage Multi-panels Monthly

  • Access 16 new multi-panels from the Backstage Series each month. This follows the wrestlers in their private lives where they have lots of erotic adventures outside of the official cameras.

Wrestling Content

+16 Fight Multi-panels Monthly

  • Access 16 new fight-themed multi-panels each month

Early Access Content

  • Access images, posts and galleries months before they are unlocked for other tiers.

Early Access Polls

  • Participate in Early Access polls to determine which fighters, matches or scenarios will be created next

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