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    Dave’s arm flexed as he gripped the base. His hand moving up…
    “Stop! Cut! Cut! Damn it!” Dave froze and looked behind him towards Connor.
    “Whats up?” he said in a curious tone. Even Patyk and Angelito perked as they looked past, shock and relief on their faces as the two heels were forced to stop before the toys were rammed in again.

    Connor shook his head “Stream is down, net issues so we can take a break”. Patyk’s and Angelito’s faces brightened.
    “Can we get out of the cuffs and walk around” Angelito asked hopefully. Quinn nodded as he slowly pulled the dildo from Angelitos hole. Dave turned to Patyk and raised an eyebrow.
    “yeah, I think the cuffs need to be looked at” the twink answered Dave’s unspoken question. Dave pulled the toy out, Patyk groaning as it was removed.

    Connor was tapping at the keyboard “Make sure you all stay hard. Rather make it look like the broadcast was interrupted”.
    Quinn reached up, freeing Angelito and helping him down.
    “good work in the ring, You have promise and great work selling the moves”. Quinn remarked as Dave freed and assisted Patyk.

    “you think so? Patyk has been teaching me a few things and he has that roommate to give some pointers”.


    Patyk swung his arms around and looked at his wrists “Yeah I think they are a bit too tight. Look I’ve got some reddening already and we were up there for what? 5 minutes?” Dave nodded as he looked down, seeing the slight pink tone on his wrists.
    “Climb up and see if you can adjust them” the blond stud would turn, allowing Patyk to climb up. Dave held his legs securely as Angelito finished chatting with Quinn.
    Angelito licked his lips, staring at Patyk’s bubble butt.

    “yeah, looks like they were a bit tighter, when you put me back in it, go back one spot.”
    “Easily done,” Dave said, his tone light, easily able to hold the lighter man up.

    Quinn walked back and smirked, “Dave is practising for later on in life,” he said with a wink.
    The blond shook his head and grinned “Pretty sure if I have kids, they would be heavier than the monkey up there”.
    Patyk laughed “Yeah but your holding me, let me get somewhere where you’re not using your pythons”.


    Dave winked as Patyk stretched, pushing his arms on the stud’s boulder shoulders. Patyk was thin, but he was surprisingly strong. Easily pushes his body up and sits on Dave’s shoulders. His dick pressed against Dave’s head. Patyk grinned as he looked down at Patyk and Quinn.
    “so this is what it feels like to be a giant huh!” he grinned as Quinn shook his head.
    “Well, you are on the shoulders of a giant…”
    Dave raised his arms and flexed his biceps, Patyk slightly jostled.
    “Yeah but your jealous of these” Dave said, his biceps popping.
    Patyk laughed as he raised his own arms, flexing them.

    Angelito looked up at Patyk, his cock throbbing. “Damn got to admit, you are hot up there”.
    Patyk winked at his scene partner as Quinn looked at the cuffs and cocked his head.

    Dave would point to the cuffs “at least you two have it easy. Moaning, gasping and groaning as we have to torture” he air quotes the torture. “and entertain the people on stream. You just hang there”.
    Patyk shook his head “even with you two pulling your punches and making it look brutal, those punches still hurt. Plus while those dildos were well lubed, they still hurt going in.”
    Quinn smirks “how about Dave hangs in the cuffs then. You two can throw a few punches and see how “hard” you have it.”
    Dave looked at his tag partner and Quinn smirked: “oh please you can handle it”. The blond stud snorts as Patyk clambered down his body.

    “Fine, but ill take Angelito’s spot, don’t want to cause Patyk’s adjustment to fail”. Connor looks up, his eyes flicking, making sure the camera had recorded that interaction. He saw on the screen, Quinn helping Patyk back into his cuffs. Dave stands as he locks one wrist in as Angelito uses a stool to lock the other wrist in.

    Dave was standing straight, his arms only at a slight angle as Quinn chuckled. “pity these are set at that height, be fun to raise them to leave you dangling.”
    Dave lowered himself, sticking his legs out until the cuffs took his weight.
    “See, not hard at all, just hand and enjoy what’s happening” Dave cockily said, his cock throbbing hard.
    Quinn shook his head “at least your at the same height as the rest of us. Been ages since I could see your eyes without cranking my neck.”

    Angelito reached up, rubbing a hand down Dave’s chest as Patyk glanced at the cuffs. “Bet you’re not even feeling any strain holding yourself up.
    Dave flashed a grin “put some more meat on your bones and it won’t be an issue”.

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