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    Quinn turns, watching as Patyk sways from the powerful blow. He winks at his partner, “Press them crotch to crotch. They got hard in the ring, and I bet they will get hard again! Bet these two are angelic little sluts have the hots for each other.”
    Dave only smirked in response, turning the blond twink around.
    Connor moved a camera to zoom in on the pair and another spurt of donations flooded in.


    Connor opened his mouth, ready to deliver one of the requests to the tormentors. Quinn beat him to it.
    “ok little angels, kiss each other! Use lots of tongue. No more! get in there!” Patyk blinked in surprise as he looked at the evil smirk on Quinn’s face. Knowing this would be the least of their punishments, he closed his eyes and pressed his lips against Angelitos’ silky smooth ones.
    Quinn let out a cackle, hands gripping Angelitos hips, his crotch slamming into Angelito’s ass.
    “Join me, Dave, grind on those angel pillows you ravaged hehe”.

    Dave rolled his eyes, grunting but his huge hands gripped Patyk’s hips as he pushed his groin into the twink’s ass.
    Patyk gasped into his partner’s mouth, feeling that heavy body press into him again. His ass was still sore from that beast pushing inside him.

    Patyk shivers, his body responding to both the rubbing of his cock against Angelito’s toned body, and the heavy muscle of Dave behind him. The warmth flooded his loins and his cock throbbed in response. It grew, pushing up to his abs, leaking like a faucet. A few moments later, Angelito’s cock pushed up, rubbing against his body and cock.
    Quinn let out a laugh as he saw both the twinks enjoying the moment as they kissed and frotted.
    “oh Dave! Are you enjoying those pillows? I think you are, jesus your hard as a diamond!”


    Dave blushed, his cheeks going a shade of red as he shook his head.
    “nah this twink is reminding me of a girl I fucked last week. Ass was just as good as hers. Though she was a real wildcat. Not these submissive bitches. Besides I already fucked this one and wrecked him. Bet yours is still tight with your puny cock” Dave responded with a growl of anger.
    Quinne raised his hands, placating his friend, but his smile remained.

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