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    “Testing one two three Testing. Just adjust this…” a voice breaks through the fog.
    Patyk groans, light appearing in his brain, his brain slowly waking up.
    “ughhh” he moans, his entire body aching. Patyk slowly opens his eyes, blinking at the harsh light, as he remembered what had happened.
    (A mean face, standing over him. A ring in the background…)
    “but why” Patyk asked as he looked up, noticing he was dangling from the ceiling. He hadnt noticed the pain in his arms till then and he gasped again. Though that pain just joined with the other aches and pains
    A moan sounded from his right, one he recognized. Angelito was right next to him, suspended just the same.
    “Whhhaa?” Angelito slurred, slowly waking up as a figure walked into view.


    “Finally our cupids are awake” the figure said loudly. Patyk shook his head, taking in his striped shirt and pants. Recognizing him as the referee from their fight. The fight they had lost.
    “Oh no” Patyk whispered and the ref grinned.
    “Oh yes, you two lost, quite handily. Sorry I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself before the fight but I’m Connor.”
    “What are we doing here” Angelito asked, his voice hesitant. Connor moved Infront and raised a camera.
    Both of the bound twinks blinked as the camera flashed, unneeded in the bright light. obviously, Connor had turned it on to cause more discomfort. Connor placed the camera down, near a laptop and grinned.
    “well you see, this was a two-part event. In the event you two had one, which I doubt would’ve happened. Your opponents would be where you are now.” Connor stepped next to Patyk, his hand raising and pressing against the twinks slender waist. Patyk moaned at the light touch, his body sore, pain shooting through his body even from that light touch.
    Then Connor moved his hand up, gripping Patyks nipple and pinching it hard.
    “Ahhh!” Patyk moaned, Connor grinning at the reaction.


    “Now I have to make sure the mics are working” he said, in a false innocent tone. Moving to behind the pair and pushing his head between the slender bodies. His fingers danced down the sore muscles, causing small grunts or gasps from the trapped twinks.
    Patyk and Angelito both looked at wach other, missing the sadistic grin that appeared on Connors face.
    Both twinks spasmed as bolts of lightings shot from their abused groins up their body. There legs thrashed in the air in a panic reaction.
    Connor licked his lips, both of his strong hands gripping their groins. His fingers tightened, feeling for the balls of the boys.

    both the twinks howled for a good 10 seconds before the pain lessened. Connor nodding in satisfaction, his hands now patting both the sore bulges.
    “excellent, all the mics are working” he stepped back, heading to the laptop in front of them.
    “and all the cameras are working. For reference, we can see you from the front, from above, behind and one down on the floor. Just so we can capture all the action” he said the last with relish.
    “after all a lot of people have paid quite a large sum for this”.


    Connor grinned as he turned to the door and walked to it.
    “Now I don’t think I need to introduce these hunks to you.”
    Patyk’s eyes widened “ NO No No! Please noooo!”
    Angelito nodded quickly “not them” he whispered “the ring was enough!”
    Connor smirks as he pulls the door open and steps back, gesturing to the two hunks to step through.
    “Dave, Quinn. Your toys are ready for you. Both awake, both aware.”
    the two muscle studs step in, Dave striding forwards, a grin on his face. Eyes moving over the pair, examining them as if they were slabs of beef, or maybe veal.

    Quinn was carrying in one hand a very large duffle bag that clinked with his steps. He raised a hand and waved at them with a matching grin.
    “hello Boys, ready for the real fun?”

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