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    Bartoz grinned as his huge arms continued to squeeze his prey. His prey had stopped struggling. His loins surged with power as he felt his prey growing weaker and weaker in his grip. He looked up, gazing into Thierry’s closed eyes. He could not even feel the warm breath on his cheek.
    Bartoz’s eyes expanded “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!!!”


    Bartoz opens his arms and kneels, placing Thierry on the floor. “Please, please, please! Don’t be dead!” Bartoz moved his hands to rub Thierry’s chest, a groan and cough emerged from the smaller man’s chest.
    “Oh thank fuck!” Bartoz yelled as he pulled Thierry up onto his knees as the stud opened his eyes.
    Thierry shook his head slowly, his breathing ragged but slowly easing out.
    “owww” he hissed, his arms moving down to touch his chest. “those…are some…dangerous…guns…” “do…you…have a permit for them?” Thierry asked in a joking tone, while still getting his breath back.


    Thierry blinked as he looked up at the towering bodybuilder. (Fuck he’s huge) Thierry thought, his gaze locked on the massive cock right in front of his eyes. (I WANT THAT!) A giant stream of cum was inching its way down to the ground. Thierry licked his lips, already forming a plan.
    Thierry’s body responded to his thoughts, his growing hard as he looked up at the perfect muscle god above him. His pain faded rapidly as he pushed his head forward.


    Bartoz blinked as Thierry moved closer, almost touching his throbbing erection.
    “wha..what are you doing?” he asked, his voice rising in both question and worry.
    “dont worry ill handle this” Thierry said as his mouth opened and his tongue shot out, catching the dripping line of cum”.
    “no, no im not into that ahhhhh!!!” Bartoz’s objection stopped as he felt a shot of pleasure race through his body.
    Thierry had moved instantly, his head rising, his tongue catching the long line of cum until he reached its source. His tongue darting out, licking the glans of Bartoz’s mammoth cock.
    (Will it fit? fuck he’s the largest I’ve seen. I’m going to need a LOT of lube for this.)

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