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    Thierry removed his shirt, and Bartoz smiled in appreciation of the lean muscles. The hunk spread his arms wide and Thierry stepped in, his hands moving to cup the large pecs.
    “Damn these are so hard” he would form a fist, and lightly punch it into the thick muscle.
    Bartoz grinned, the blow only causing his pecs to bounce.
    Thierry obliged, twisting his chest and hips and delivering a perfect punch into Bartoz’s impressive pecs.

    Bartoz grunted, swaying slightly and Thierry’s eyes widened as the aspiring bodybuilder tanked his blow with ease. I can use him, more than just a toy. Thierry’s expression flickered for a moment and then he smiles.


    “Say I know a way you can earn a lot of money very easily for you. But I need to test something first. Have you ever been interested in wrestling?”
    Bartoz would blink, his expression ranging from glee to surprise.
    “That entertainment where people are in a ring and throwing each other? Not really, I thought it was too fake.”

    Thierry smiles “well im with a smaller company where we do real action and I think you would be very good for it. Your naturally strong and durable, and hot as all fuck. How about I teach you something and you see if you like it?”
    Bartoz would nod, considering for a moment then lower his arms.
    “Sure can’t hurt” the hunk smiles, knowing it unlikely that Thierry could hurt him.

    Thierry steps forward and moves his hands around to Bartoz’s lower back.
    “feel where my hands are? I’m now going to apply some pressure here. This is called a bearhug and it suits someone with huge arms and chest its all about crushing the other poerson into your body.”
    Thierry squeezes Bartoz, the big man only grinning as he barely felt it.
    “your turn” Thierry said with a smile.

    Bartoz easily stepped forward, his beefy arms wrapping around Thierry’s waist and lifted him up with ease.
    “Like this?” Bartoz said, making sure just to hold the smaller man”.
    Thierry blinked as he was lifted, and he stared into Bartoz’s eyes as his hands rested on the boulder shoulders.
    “Yes, exactly but you generally want to try and trap my arms to my sides. I’ll just” Thierry slowly pushed his arms in the small gap, and Bartoz squezed a little more.
    “Perfect now give a light squeeze”.


    Theirry let out a gasp as Bartoz’s arms flexed tight. His chest was pressed into the bodybuilders wide torso. His fingers spread wide as he felt the power in Bartoz’s arms.
    ohhh Fuck! Thierry thought as he was lifted higher up. The muscled arms instinctively moving into a better position to hold.
    “AGHHHHGHGG!” Thierry yelled in pain, his chest compressing from the force.


    Bartoz smiled, his cock hardening, throbbing with power as he crushed the smaller male in his arms. He had to relax the hold for a moment, Thierry pulling his arms up, out of the massive pythons and then…
    “AGHAGAHGAHAGHGHHH!!!” Theirry’s scream lessened, like the air escaping a flat tyre.
    Bartoz didn’t care. His arms crushed the tiny male. He could feel the ribs creaking and grinding from the immense pressure. He enjoyed it.
    Dominating the smaller male… his heart throbbed, matching the intensity in his groin.

    Thierry gasped, unable to breathe as his chest was compressed. His hands franticall slapping on Bartoz’s shoulders and traps to get him to release him.

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