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    Thierry continued to pinch and play with the nipple, causing Bartoz to mewl with pleasure. The cock growing in Theirrys hand. It didn’t take long for it to be fully hard and thierry stepped to the right. His eyes widened at the size of Bartoz’s cock. His hand couldn’t fit around it now, he could cover 2 thirds of it but it was truly a weapon of ass destruction.


    Bartoz smiled as he felt Thierry stroking him, his body flexing as his nerves were aflame with pleasure. He pushed his arm closer, the flexed bicep pressing against Thierrys head. The muscle head smiled in pleasure, seeing his giant arm was larger than Theirrys skull.
    Theirry meanwhile was admiring the cock dwarfing his hand. Even his own dick was decently sized, but this monster eclipsed him.
    “yes, I think I can work and help you out.” Thierry said as he turned to look at Bartz.
    “But I need to do a few tests with you” Thierry grinned.


    Bartoz blinked as Thierry spoke, “tests what do you mean ahhhhh!” Bartoz moaned in pleasure, Thierry had just pushed his head right against the muscle chest. Inhaling the sweat and musk, Thierry’s tongue flicked out. The salty sweet of man sweet graced his taste buds. Normally he preferred to be the one being worshipped, but the plan needed him to make this small sacrifice now.
    His hand would start to stroke the muscle cock, in time with his tongue flicks.


    Thierry dragged his tongue across the impressive pec shelf, drinking the sweat until he got to his target.
    “AAaaahhhhh!!!” Bartoz yelled is pleasure as Thierry’s tongue danced across his prominent nipple. Thierry felt the cock in his hand throb as his mouth locked around the nipple. He pulled, the skin stretching as Bartoz groaned in pleasure again.

    This is too easy! I wonder if he is a virgin if he’s this sensitive! Theirry thought as his hand continued to stroke the slab of meat.

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